As you know, our Experience Curators are hard at work finding new exciting and fun experiences to share with #Spur Experiencescouples.  Let’s take a look at some of the newest experiences added in Colorado.


Royal Gorge 1/2 Day Off-Road Jeep Tour

The world’s highest suspension bridge is located right here in the beautiful state of Colorado.  The Royal Gorge is a slim canyon just outside of the aptly named Canyon City.  This tour will take you over the bridge in a harrowing drive over the 1,260 foot bridge while looking 1,000 feet down to the Arkansas River.  After that you’ll take an off-road drive even higher to a view that overlooks a huge region of the Rocky Mountains.  As if you didn’t have enough memories by now, Colorado Jeep Tours will then take you to see some real dinosaur tracks.

To learn more about this experience click Dinosaur (but you have to say it like that cartoon guy in Jurassic Park)

Blunt Force Couples Training Sessions and Unlimited Monthly Class

What better way to kick off your marriage than with a month of personal training sessions as a couple, and unlimited classes to attend!  Blunt Force believes that attaining physical strength builds character so let’s grow those muscles and character at the same time.  With this experience you’ll get to workout together, learn together, and challenge yourselves together.  The trainers at Blunt Force are ass kickers (specifically your ass) and will get you two into tiptop shape in no time!

To learn more about this experience click Get Strong

Raft the Famous Clear Creek

At Spur Experiences we love our rafting partners and, of course, our awesome rafting experiences.  The Clear Creek raft trip has been a favorite and is one of our most popular experiences throughout Spur Experiences’s life.  Recently we changed partners to Liquid Descent who has provided Denverites with a nearby, memorable rafting experience for years.  Their guides are informed, talented, and fun as hell!  The Spur Experiences staff has all gone on this trip through Liquid Descent and we had a blast.  A few of us even rafted in Africa down the Zambezi and our guide, in Africa, learned we were from Colorado to which he said “oh man, I’ve always wanted raft Clear Creek, it’s one of the most technical and exhilarating rivers in the world!”

To learn more about this experience click Rapids

Couples Cooking Class

One of those clichés about marriage is the horrible cooking endured for the first few years.  You can avoid all of that with this cooking class for both in the couple so now the onus is on each of you, no excuses.  The Seasoned Chef offers a variety of classes that change with the seasons so if you don’t see one that whets your pallet yet, give it a few months and check back in.  There is an Italian class, one focused on French food, and even one all about the deliciousness of chili peppers.

To learn more about this experience click Good Grub

Couples Dance Class

There’s something very intimate about couple’s dancing and this class will help you to appreciate that.  Learn the basic steps of your favorite (or most desired to learn) dance styles and practice the subtle communication that happens on the dance floor such as communicating when to spin, dip, and shake it!  At Joyful Ballroom you will learn from professionals who can teach you Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, and a lot more.

To learn more about this experience click Let Me See Your 1-2 Step

Alright, there you go!  We’ll keep you posted on any new additions but feel free to browse at any time for the most updated list and be sure to check all of our current experiences for a happy marriage and happy life.