The last month of summer is upon us and Colorado continues to ramp up the festival/event offerings throughout the state.  Here’s our distilled list of the best events in Colorado in August 2017.


Colorado Adventures at DIA (July 1st)

No boarding pass necessary for this event at Denver International Airport.  The Colorado Adventures exhibit is a one-day event that highlights some of the best summer activities found in this great state.  Imagine ziplining through the iconic DIA Plaza.  There will also be a climbing wall, and a virtual fishing exhibit, and all activities are completely free.  What a glorious way to welcome arrivals to active Colorado, but locals are invited as well to enjoy the activities.

To learn more about Colorado Adventures at DIA click Never a Departure

Beats on the Creek (August 1st, 8th, 15th)

Head to the steel bridge on Wazee that overlooks the Cherry Creek Trail, Confluence Park, Colorado Rockies, and Downtown Denver for a free concert series that helps you break up the week.  Hosted by the local favorite restaurant Coohills, these concerts feature bands that tribute the 80’s, UB40, and the late David Bowie.  For a prime seat and delicious grub make a reservation for the Coohills patio which will have you comfortably viewing the live band.  Reservations on the patio for this event require a minimum $60 spend per person, so come hungry!

To learn more about Beats on the Creek click Tuesday…More Like BrewsDay

Dinos Live at Denver Zoo (August 1st – 31st)

Spur Experiences friend and charity partner Denver Zoo is turning into Jurassic Park (or World for the younger folk) by bringing in 21 life-size dinosaurs (19 are animatronic).  Compare the sizes to the real life amazing animals already residing in Denver Zoo for an eye-opening experience.  We’d be lying if we weren’t also thinking about how fun it’d be to do some silly photos while there: such as being chased by a t-rex.  So learn a little, laugh a lot, and head to the zoo for live and prehistoric animals alike.

To learn more about Dinos Live at Denver Zoo click “Life, uh, finds a way”

Parade of Homes (August 10th – 31st)

The Denver Parade of Homes annual event is HG Network porn for you “My Lottery Dream Home” watchers.  This free event opens the (multi) million-dollar homes for the public to tour and gawk at.  This year’s event includes glamorous homes located in the mountains, Longmont, Castle Rock, and, of course, the Denver Metro area with a total of 66 ridiculous homes.  Pretend you’re the host of Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous while touring through these homes at your own pace.  Inevitably, the conversation of “what would you do if you won the lottery?” will come up and you can confidently say “I’d give it all to charity.”  Not that you would, but the chances of you winning the lotto are so slim you may as well benefit from the hypothetical answer while you can.  (In regard to that photo: cool house, how does one utilize those garages?)

To learn more about Parade of Homes click “I’d Have Money Bin Like Scrooge McDuck”

Hops in the Hangar (August 12th)

Dozens of local breweries gather at Wings Over the Rockies for a fun-filled evening of craft beers, test flights, and X-Wings.  Wings Over the Rockies is the Denver air and space museum located in a real hangar where historical planes are housed such as a B-18 from WWII, F-14 used in the Vietnam War, and X-Wing Starfighter seen in the Battle of Yavin a long time ago…Mixing fascinating history of flight with a unique partnership with LucasFilm, Wings Over the Rockies offers one of the most exciting venues in the Denver area, and Hops in the Hangar is a great way to take it all in; beer in hand.

To learn more about Hops in the Hangar click Stay on Target

Star Wars, Jurassic Park, DuckTales, Cribs, and 80’s rock defines your August of activities in the Mile High City.