Free beer, fashion advice, and much more to enjoy this March in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Colorado Book Festival (March 3rd)

Head to the Denver Public Library where you’ll be able to “talk to authors, reporters, bloggers, poets and published writers of all kinds” as well as observe panels.  One such panel you can attend features local meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo who will talk about climate change and how to discuss the hot topic in a potentially confrontational environment.

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Oscars Viewing Party (March 4th)

The annual award ceremony usually provides ample conversation kindle for the weeks following, remember last year’s Moonlight/Lala Land debacle?  Dress to the nines this year and go to Lannie’s Clocktower for a viewing party to share the laughs with.  There will be prizes and live entertainment to keep the shindig going from the red carpet to the Best Picture award.

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Free Beer at Bruz Beers (March 5th)

Every month Spur Experiences partner Bruz Beers has a Customer Appreciation Night where they will buy your first beer of the night.  There’s no obligation to purchase a second beer, although you’ll definitely want to after whetting your palate with their tasty and unique brews.  Try their Witbier, Saison, or their Belgian-Style Dark Ale.

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Snow Pants Dance Party (March 10th)

“Those snow pants were made for dancing, so show off your moves at our Snow Pants Dance Party in River Run Village!”  With live music by 6 Million Dollar Band and Koo Koo Kanga Roo you’ll have some fun entertainment while you enjoy some apres drinks at one of the great bars in the village.  Call the day early with the music starting at 2pm and leave those ski pants on for some outdoor dancing, though you may want to replace those bulking ski boots with shoes more conducive to dancing.

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Denver Fashion Week (March 18-25th)

Step aside L.A. and New York as Denver continues to be a quickly emerging scene in the fashion industry.  “Denver Fashion Week is Denver’s largest fashion showcase featuring emerging designers, local boutiques, national brands, hairstylists, makeup artists and models.”  Most events will take place at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum which is worth the visit by its own right!  Where your favorite digs and express yourself at this year’s festival.

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Winter is nearly over, and the promise of warmer weather is on the horizon!  Here’s a few more activities you can take advantage of while the winter chill is still around.